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About Us

CAS Furniture is the Home of Irish furniture.

From the floors you walk on, to the lights you switch on, all the way right down to the bed you lie on.

CAS Furniture are here to serve.

Welcome to CAS Furniture, your Carpet and Sofa + More company - Quality Furniture for Ireland at affordable prices.

CAS furniture has grown from its brother company Castlebar Furniture. Castlebar Furniture has been in business for over 28 years and have set the bar at a very high standard of service and care to the customer. CAS Furniture looks forward to continuing this by making special care of service to each and every client’s request. CAS Furniture gives you not just value but assures quality on each item.

Here at CAS Furniture we are committed to providing quality furniture alongside the highest level of customer service. Because we source our products directly from the manufacturers either in Ireland or the rest of the World, we can ensure that our customers will receive the highest level of quality. Whether a customer is buying in our stores or buying online, all our highly trained staff are waiting with helpful advice. We will make your purchase an easy process and will ensure a quality product delivered at the end. Our team strives to provide exceptional service at all stages of the buying process. We are listening to our customers’ needs, taking on board feedback, advising on the best furniture options and keeping up with current trends.

In a nutshell: we cut out the expensive middlemen and always keep costs to a minimum. Instead of buying from expensive wholesalers, who take a lump of profit, we buy direct and pass on the savings to our customer.

We provide a unique service whereby we can tailor almost any sofa and chair if required; make it longer or shorter, softer or firmer or to almost any size you want. It just doesn't stop there - we make other furniture (tables, TV units, coffee tables, bed frames, you name it) on special request for any market; restaurants, hotel or just to fit snugly in a desired place.